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CS by GB is a Blog about an Open Learning program. This Program is a self training to Become a Pentester.

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My Story, Why and How I chose to Become a Pentester

Breaking into Cybersecurity, guest: Gabrielle B. - a podcast by Christophe Foulon and Renee Small

The Hacker Factory Podcast, guest: Gabrielle B. - a podcast from ITSPMagazine by Philip Wylie

Timeline of my blog

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Open learning Program

My self study program is based on a lifelong learning education science concept called « Apprenance ». My project, involved six steps such as E-learning, CTFs, learning expeditions, internship, conferences and volunteering in Cybersecurity communities.

Portfolio of my journey in Cybersecurity

My rank on popular CTF platforms

CTF Player [0xD GOD] 1% Top Rank on TryHackMe

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  • A list of curated articles about my journey in cybersecurity
  • A playlist with some of my talks, projects, workshops and interviews