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CS by GB is a Blog about an Open Learning program. This Program is a self training to Become a Pentester.

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I won!!

Thank you everyone for your support!! I won!!

My Story, Why and How I chose to Become a Pentester

Breaking into Cybersecurity, guest: Gabrielle B. - a podcast by Christophe Foulon and Renee Small

The Hacker Factory Podcast, guest: Gabrielle B. - a podcast from ITSPMagazine by Phillip Wylie

My first Blackhat

Video credits goes to the Blackhat team. All their video montage are pretty great

A video summary of Blackhat MEA 2022 made by Carmen Marsh and her talented creative team.

Timeline of my blog

Wanna go back in time? Check this out!

Open learning Program

My self study program is based on a lifelong learning education science concept called « Apprenance ». My project, involved six steps such as E-learning, CTFs, learning expeditions, internship, conferences and volunteering in Cybersecurity communities.

Portfolio of my journey in Cybersecurity

My rank on popular CTF platforms

CTF Player [0xD GOD] 1% Top Rank on TryHackMe

Other links to know more about me

  • A list of curated articles about my journey in cybersecurity
  • A playlist with some of my talks, projects, workshops and interviews